Register your Personal Real Estate Corporation (PREC).

License Details


PREC Incorporation Basic PREC Incorporation Pro
Limited personal liability
Incorporation enables you to protect yourself against personal liability for your business.
Operate under a business name
Operate under a brand name for customers to remember who you are and what you do.
Lower corporation tax rate
As a sole proprietorship, you file taxes as if you are self-employed.
Business name protection
Deter future business owners from using the same business name.
Have multiple owners
Divide and transfer ownership of the business.
Simple tax structure
Corporation must file a separate tax return.
Obtain GST/HST number
Ability to collect tax for goods and services solid.
Hire employees
Add additional members to your staff.
Raise money & qualify for popular tax and grant programs
Sometimes. Investors and goverment programs are applicable to corporation only.
Open a business bank account
Keep your business and personal finances separate.

About your company

I want a

Both named and numbered companies are legal. A numbered company maybe required to register its operating name in certain circumstances.

My company will be called

Your corporate name requires a legal ending(like Inc. or Ltd.). The ending has no legal consequences. You can choose whichever you prefer.


The Company’s name must be unique and must contain a Distinctive The Distinctive element is the word that promotes your corporation's brand. For example "Rhino Sandwiches Inc." element and a Descriptive The Discriptive element is the word that describes the nature of your business. For example "Rhino Sandwiches Inc." element. The name can’t be profane and must conform to legal requirements.